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    Gloria Sunday 13 October 2013



    This morning music from Spain from 15th to 21st centuries, a Missa Brevis by Mozart and the amazing young choir Stile Antico prior to their Dublin concert.

    Music Played on Octoner 13th

    Track Title: Ave Maris Stella, Ave Maria
    Artist: Schola Gregoriana Pragensis – David Eben
    Composer: Anon
    Record Label: Supraphon
    Record Number: SU0194-2231

    Track Title: Domine Jesu Christ, Virgo Maria, Chant +Oud
    Artist: Chant 1450, Mahmoud Turkmani – Oud
    Composer: Anchieta, Johannes
    Record Label: Christophorus
    Record Number: CHR77374

    Track Title: From Missa Si Bona Suscepimus
    Artist: Tallis Scholars – Peter Phillips
    Composer: Morales, Cristobal De
    Record Label: Gimell
    Record Number: CDGIM033

    Track Title: Portio Mea, Christe Qui Lux Es Et Dies
    Artist: Stile Antico
    Composer: White Robert
    Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
    Record Number: HMU807572

    Track Title: 2 Motets
    Artist: Weser-Renaissance Bremen - Manfred Cordes
    Composer: Praetorius, Michael
    Record Label: Cpo
    Record Number: 999953-2

    Track Title: 4 Latin Motets
    Artist: Weser-Renaissance Bremen - Manfred Cordes
    Composer: Schutz, Heinrich
    Record Label: Cpo
    Record Number: 999405-2

    Track Title: Prelude And Fugue In C Bwv545
    Artist: Christopher Herrick – Metzler, Jesuit , Lucern
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Record Label: Hyperion
    Record Number: CDA66792

    Track Title: Fugue On A Theme By Corelli – Bwv579
    Artist: Harald Vogel – Schnittge – Ss Peter Und Paul, Cappel
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Record Label: Mdg
    Record Number: 9141743-6

    Track Title: From Missa Brevis K192, 2 Church Sonatas
    Artist: St. John'S College, Cambridge – Andrew Nethsingha
    Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
    Record Label: Chaconne
    Record Number: CHAN0786

    Track Title: Psalm 22,141 And104
    Artist: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir – Daniel Reuss
    Composer: Kreek, Cyrillus
    Record Label: Ondine
    Record Number: ODE1201-2

    Track Title: A Solis Ortus, O Gloriosa Virginum
    Artist: Coro Cervantes – Carlos Fernandez Aransay
    Composer: Pedrell, Felipe
    Record Label: Guild
    Record Number: GMCD7243

    Track Title: Prayer Of St.Teresa Of Avila
    Artist: The Sixteen – Harry Christopher
    Composer: Byrchmore,Ruth
    Record Label: Coro
    Record Number: COR16090



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