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    Celebrating the first Sunday of Advent with chanted
    O Antiphons from Chamber Choir Ireland and by Charpentier
    and Arvo Part and Advent carols from Grace Cathedral,
    San Francisco.


    Gloria Sunday 16 June 2013



    Tim Thurston guides you through a millennium of sacred music featuring Gregorian chant, pure solo voices and choral masterpieces, framed around the glorious music of J.S. Bach.

    Music Played on June 16th...

    Track Title: Alma Redemptoris Mater, Regina Coeli
    Artist: St Alban'S Chamber Choir – David Hansell
    Composer: Anon
    Record Label: Lammas
    Record Number: LAMM173

    Track Title: Albanus Roseo Rutilat
    Artist: Orlando Consort
    Composer: Dunstaple, John
    Record Label: Metronome
    Record Number: METCD1009

    Track Title: From Missa Sancti Anthonii De Padua
    Artist: Pomerium – Alexander Blachly
    Composer: Dufay, Guillaume
    Record Label: Dgarchiv
    Record Number: 447772-2

    Track Title: 2 Salve Regina, Aria
    Artist: Il Pegaso – Maurizio Croci
    Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio
    Record Label: Brilliant
    Record Number: 94286

    Track Title: 2 Ave Regina, Sonata Al Santo Sepolcro
    Artist: Monica Mauch, Ensemble Caprice
    Composer: Fux, Johann Joseph
    Record Label: Atma
    Record Number: ACD22347

    Track Title: 3 Motets
    Artist: Dresdner Kammerchor – Hans-Christoph Rademann
    Composer: Schutz, Heinrich
    Record Label: Carus
    Record Number: 83232

    Track Title: Concerto After Vivaldi – Bwv595
    Artist: Kare Nordstoga – Silbermann – Arlesheim Cathedral
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Record Label: Lawo
    Record Number: LWC1035

    Track Title: From Grosse Messe Op.85
    Artist: Netherlands Chamber Choir – Uwe Gronostay
    Composer: Draeseke, Felix
    Record Label: Globe
    Record Number: GLO5147

    Track Title: 4 Laudes For St Antoine De Padoue
    Artist: Men Of St John'S College, Cambridge – Christopher Robinson
    Composer: Poulenc, Francis
    Record Label: Priory
    Record Number: PRCD814

    Track Title: From The Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom
    Artist: Tenebrae – Nigel Short
    Composer: Levine, Alexander
    Record Label: Signum
    Record Number: SIGCD316

    Track Title: Ave Regina, Drop,Drop,Slow Tears
    Artist: Truro Cathedral Choir – Christopher Gray
    Composer: Stopford, Philip
    Record Label: Regent
    Record Number: REGCD400

    Track Title: Dominus Regit Me – Psalm 23
    Artist: Flemish Radio Choir – Bo Holten
    Composer: Holten, Bo
    Record Label: Dacapo
    Record Number: 8226062


    Bach Organ Music

    Bach Organ Music on Gloria 2012-2013

    We have now completed our second four-year journey through the complete Sacred Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach on Gloria. For the next Church Year, beginning on the first Sunday in Advent 2012 I intend, each week, to play his organ music. Many of the Chorale Preludes are of course also specific to particular Sundays and I will precede with appropriate Cantatas by Buxtehude and Schütz.

    Just as the Cantatas astonish with one unknown musical delight after another, the organ works are known to a tiny proportion of music lovers. I fear the airwaves are not overful of the sound of the King of Instruments - even by the King of Composers! Even rarer are performances of the superb works of his greatest predecessors.

    I don't plan to play all the works but there will be at least fifteen minutes of Bach organ music every Sunday morning - around 9 am - midway in the 1000 year musical journey.

    -Tim Thurston

    Click here to download Tim's list of Complete Bach Organ Works


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