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Classical Kids Sunday 30 March 2014

Classical Kids

Today we'll find out which composers had the nicknames 'Il Bolognese', 'Papa' and 'The Red Priest', plus songs by Aaron Copland including I Bought Me a Cat and Ching a Ring Chaw!

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Saturday October 22nd, 7am

Today we hear about one of the greatest composers ever to have lived - Ludwig Van Beethoven. It took him four long years to write the great symphony, so long that he finished an opera and two other symphonies while he worked on it! However it's remembered as one of his most famous works and we'll hear it on Sunday. We also continue the story of Peter and the Wolf, as Peter celebrates his birthday before trying to catch the wolf! 

Sunday October 23rd, 10am

The German composer Felix Mendelssohn loved to travel to different countries, and this morning we'll hear some of the lovely music he wrote after visiting Scotland and Italy. We'll also sail the high seas with music by Wagner and hear about a very noisy family - the percussion family. Watch famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie perform below with Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street! 

Sunday October 30th, 10am - The Classical Kids Hallowe'en Special! 

Tune in this morning to meet Igor, manager of the dreadful Hotel Strange! He's busy getting the hotel ready for all the ghosts, goblins, witches and wizards visiting tomorrow night for the Annual Halloween Monsters Ball Extravaganza. Join his terrifying tour of the hotel and hear music for dancing skeletons and goblins, by the decomposing composers Spooky Saint-Saens, Wailing William Walton and Macabre Modest Mussorgsky. We'll also hear the tall tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice by Appalling Paul Dukas and visit the town of Halloween! Tune in, if you dare...

Music Played on the Show


Title: O Fortuna (From Carmina Burana)

Performer(s): Orff, Carl

Duration: 2:57


Title: Gulliver Suite For Two Violins - Intrada

Performer(s): Telemann, Georg Philipp

Duration: 1:35


Title: Gulliver Suite For Two Violins - Loure Of The Well-Mannered Houy

Performer(s): Telemann, Georg Philipp

Duration: 1:22


Title: Violin Sonata In G Minor ?Il Trillo Del Diavolo? - Movement Ii -

Performer(s): Corelli, Arcangelo

Duration: 3:18


Title: Symphony No. 101 In D 'Clock' (2nd Movement) Andante

Performer(s): Haydn, Franz Josef

Duration: 6:25


Title: Mandolin Concerto In D (1st Movement) Allegro

Performer(s): Vivaldi, Antonio

Duration: 3:56


Title: I X O

Performer(s): Pixinguinha

Duration: 2:55


Title: Voices Of Spring

Performer(s): Strauss Ii, Johann

Duration: 6:11


Title: Merida's Home

Performer(s): Doyle, Patrick

Duration: 1:47


Title: Symphony No.3 In A Minor Op.56 "Scottish" 2nd Movement Vivace No

Performer(s): Mendelssohn, Felix

Duration: 4:45


Title: Rodeo (3rd Movement) Saturday Night Waltz

Performer(s): Copland, Aaron

Duration: 4:28


Title: Hoe-Down

Performer(s): Copland, Aaron

Duration: 3:48


Title: I Bought Me A Cat

Performer(s): Copland, Aaron

Duration: 2:25


Title: Ching A Ring Chaw

Performer(s): Copland, Aaron

Duration: 2:03


Title: Variation No. 18

Performer(s): Rachmaninov, Sergei

Duration: 4:02



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