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Sunday at 10am, repeated Saturday at 7am

Classical Kids Sunday 16 March 2014

Classical Kids

We'll celebrate on St. Patrick's Day with music by Irish composers including The Children of Lir by Hamilton Harty plus some traditional Irish songs performed by RTÉ Cór na nÓg.

Saturday January 21st, 7am

Hope you're all ready for an interplanetary trip, as this morning Classical Kids explores the galaxy with part of Gustav Holst's Planets Suite. We'll also hear about music that Handel wrote to be played on a boat, while sailing up and down a river.

Sunday January 22nd, 10am

We're celebrating Chinese New Year today, with traditional music played on the erhu. We'll also hear part of the Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra, with Dame Edna giving us an exciting introduction to the different sections and instruments. We'll also hear music by movie music composer John Powell, who wrote exciting music for Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon!

Sunday January 29th, 10am

This morning we’ll hear Prokofiev’s Winter Bonfire, written for the story of a group of Russian boy scouts, the Pioneers, who go on a train journey to the countryside and find a great bonfire. We'll also hear the second part of the Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra read by Dame Edna Everage, and we’ll hear dances by some of the great composers - a waltz by Joann Strauss II, a Spanish dance by Ravel and ballet music by Khachaturian!

Music Played on the Show


Title: Symphony No.8 In F (2nd Movement) Allegretto Scherzando

Performer(s): Beethoven, Ludwig Van

Duration: 4:09


Title: Trasna Na Dtonnta

Performer(s): Traditional

Duration: 1:42


Title: 7 Marionnettes - No. 2 Poupee Valsante

Performer(s): Poldini, Ede

Duration: 3:33


Title: Calm Seas And Blue Skies (Children Of Lir)

Performer(s): Hamilton Harty, Herbert

Duration: 2:14


Title: Children Of Lir: Allegro Con Brio

Performer(s): Hamilton Harty

Duration: 6:20


Title: The Children Of Lir: Transformation, Baptism And Death (Excerpt)

Performer(s): Harty, Hamilton

Duration: 3:36


Title: Riverdance

Performer(s): Whelan, Bill

Duration: 5:58


Title: L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (4th Movement) Farandole

Performer(s): Bizet, Georges

Duration: 3:45


Title: The Cows Are A Milking

Performer(s): Trimble, Joan

Duration: 1:40


Title: Suite For Strings: Finale

Performer(s): Trimble, Joan

Duration: 4:33


Title: Jamaican Rumba

Performer(s): Benjamin, Arthur

Duration: 2:38


Title: Irish Suite - The Last Rose Of Summer

Performer(s): Anderson, Leroy

Duration: 4:11



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Producer/Presenter: Ian McGlynn


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