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Classical Kids Sunday 16 March 2014

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Sunday July 24th

The word 'concerto' means to come together in harmony, but also to fight against each other! This morning we'll hear concertos that feature solo instruments with orchestra; all playing their own part but also coming together to form one great concerto. Tune in to hear a Trumpet Concerto by Haydn, a Piano Concerto by Rachmaninov, a Violin Concerto by Mendelssohn and a Clarinet Concerto by Mozart. We'll also hear the story of the Three Little PIgs read by Rosaleen Linehan.

Sunday July 31st

When the French composer Darius Milhaud visited America, he heard jazz music for the very first time and liked it so much, he used so started to write in that style. On Sunday we'll hear the Scaramouche Suite and part of his Carnival for London and we'll visit some wonderful wizards with music from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and The Sorceror's Apprentice by Paul Dukas... 

Classical Kids

We'll celebrate on St. Patrick's Day with music by Irish composers including The Children of Lir by Hamilton Harty plus some traditional Irish songs performed by RTÉ Cór na nÓg.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Symphony No.8 In F (2nd Movement) Allegretto Scherzando

Performer(s): Beethoven, Ludwig Van

Duration: 4:09


Title: Trasna Na Dtonnta

Performer(s): Traditional

Duration: 1:42


Title: 7 Marionnettes - No. 2 Poupee Valsante

Performer(s): Poldini, Ede

Duration: 3:33


Title: Calm Seas And Blue Skies (Children Of Lir)

Performer(s): Hamilton Harty, Herbert

Duration: 2:14


Title: Children Of Lir: Allegro Con Brio

Performer(s): Hamilton Harty

Duration: 6:20


Title: The Children Of Lir: Transformation, Baptism And Death (Excerpt)

Performer(s): Harty, Hamilton

Duration: 3:36


Title: Riverdance

Performer(s): Whelan, Bill

Duration: 5:58


Title: L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (4th Movement) Farandole

Performer(s): Bizet, Georges

Duration: 3:45


Title: The Cows Are A Milking

Performer(s): Trimble, Joan

Duration: 1:40


Title: Suite For Strings: Finale

Performer(s): Trimble, Joan

Duration: 4:33


Title: Jamaican Rumba

Performer(s): Benjamin, Arthur

Duration: 2:38


Title: Irish Suite - The Last Rose Of Summer

Performer(s): Anderson, Leroy

Duration: 4:11



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Producer/Presenter: Ian McGlynn


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