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Classical Kids Sunday 23 February 2014

Classical Kids

Music by Jean Sibelius this morning, who wrote music which celebrated his home country, Finland. We'll also hear about Ratty, Toad and Mole, with music from The Wind in the Willows

Sunday March 26th, 10am

We'll travel around the world with postcards from The King's Singers and to celebrate Mother's Day, we'll hear the story of The Runaway Bunny, about a little bunny rabbit who decides to run away. But his wise Mum tells him, 'If you run away, I will run after you.' With music by Glen Roven, the story is read by Brooke Shields. And with the Feis Ceoil starting this week in Dublin, we'll hear performances by some of the many great winners over the years, including John O'Conor, Cara O'Sullivan and Finghin Collins. 

Sunday April 2nd

Do you ever wonder if your toys come to life when you're asleep? Well this morning we'll visit a magic toyshop, to see what adventures the toys who live there get up to at night! We'll also learn about composers who loved to travel to different parts of the world, and write music about the places they visited. 

Music Played on the Show


Title: Tango - The Gliding Girl

Performer(s): Sousa, John Philip

Duration: 3:57


Title: Oboe Concerto In D Minor - Presto

Performer(s): Marcello, Alessandro

Duration: 4:03


Title: The Tale Of The Tsar Sultan - Flight Of The Bumblebee

Performer(s): Rimsky Korsakov, Nikolay

Duration: 1:38


Title: Der Alte Brummbar (The Old Grumbler)

Performer(s): Fucik, Julius

Duration: 4:53


Title: Serenade Op. 44 - Movement I - Moderato, Quasi Marcia

Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin

Duration: 4:07


Title: Intermezzo (Karelia Suite)

Performer(s): Sibelius, Jean

Duration: 3:59


Title: Finlandia, Op. 26

Performer(s): Sibelius, Jean

Duration: 8:41


Title: The Wind In The Willows

Performer(s): Rutter, John/Grant, David

Duration: 14:07


Title: Habanera

Performer(s): Chabrier, Emmanuel

Duration: 4:50



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Producer/Presenter: Ian McGlynn


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