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Classical Kids Sunday 11 August 2013

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Sunday July 3rd

In the overture to his opera William Tell, Rossini painted a picture of breaking dawn, a Summer storm and the galloping horses of the Swiss army! We'll hear Rossini's overture on Sunday, and a duet he wrote for some meowing cats! We'll also hear piano music written for different fairytales by the composer Robert Schumann this week, telling the stories of Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and Sleeping Beauty.

Sunday July 10th

The French composer Francis Poulenc wrote music for Babar the Elephant after a little girl gave him a story book all about the adventures of Babar and asked him to play it on the piano. We'll hear the music Poulenc wrote on Sunday's Classical Kids. We'll also hear folk music which was turned into a beautiful Fantasia by Vaughan Williams, and dances from Russia, France and Hungary. 

Sunday July 17th

People weren't sure what to make of Igor Stravinsky's music when they first heard it. Everyone loved his music for the magical ballet The Firebird, but people disliked the music and dancing at The Rite of Spring so much, that there were riots! We love his exciting music on Classical Kids though, and we'll hear music from both ballets this morning. And we know that Tchaikovsky wrote beautiful music for the ballet, but today we'll hear instrumental music that he wrote including his great Piano Concerto No.1, the thrilling 1812 Overture and a waltz for his friend Nathalie. 

Classical Kids

We'll hear the different sections of the orchestra perform music by Benjamin Britten this morning, plus a musical river, forest and mountain composed by Smetana, Wagner and Grieg.

Music Played on the Show


Title: The Teddy Bears Picnic

Performer(s): Bratton, John W

Duration: 3:25


Title: Morning From Peer Gynt Suite No.1

Performer(s): Grieg, Edvard

Duration: 4:24


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (1st Movement) Introduction

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 1:21


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (2nd Movement) Theme

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 2:35


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (3rd Movement) Woodwind Var

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 3:32


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (4th Movement) String Varia

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 4:18


Title: Sing A Song Of Sixpence

Performer(s): Rutter, John

Duration: 1:56


Title: Moldau

Performer(s): Smetana, Bedrich

Duration: 5:17


Title: The Cuckoo In The Middle Of The Wood

Performer(s): Saint-Saens, Camille

Duration: 2:23


Title: Peer Gynt - Suite No.1 - In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Performer(s): Grieg, Edvard

Duration: 2:56


Title: When At Night I Go To Sleep (Abends, Will Ich Schlafen Geh'n)

Performer(s): Humperdinck, Engelbert

Duration: 3:00


Title: Raiders March From Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Performer(s): Williams, John

Duration: 5:28


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (5th Movement) Harp Variati

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 1:03


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (6th Movement) Brass Variat

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 2:34


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (7th Movement) Percussion V

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 2:23


Title: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (8th Movement) Fugue

Performer(s): Britten, Benjamin

Duration: 3:02


Title: Symphony No.9 (4th Movement) Ode To Joy Excerpt

Performer(s): Beethoven, Ludwig Van

Duration: 4:02


Title: The Second Star To The Right (In The Style Of Thomas Tallis)

Performer(s): Cahn, Sammy / Fain, Sammy

Duration: 2:25



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