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    Sunday, 7 - 8am

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    Classical Kids Sunday 21 April 2013


    Classical Kids

    Did you know that Beethoven wore a wig? You'll hear a song about it this morning, plus music from Swan Lake and some of the less well-known creatures from Carnival of the Animals.

    Sunday April 5th
    Early one morning, Peter opened the gate and went out into the big green meadow..." What will become of Peter and his friends the duck, the bird and the cat when they're visited by a wolf? Find out on Classical Kids this Sunday as we hear Prokofiev's story of Peter and the Wolf, read by David Bowie. We'll also visit a circus, with exciting music by Rimsky Korsakov, Fucik and Sousa.

    Sunday April 12th
    What do Franz Schubert and Gustav Holst have in common? They both wrote music for school orchestras to play, and so we'll hear Schubert's First Symphony and Holst's St. Pauls Suite on Sunday morning. We'll also hear music written by Bach for the solo cello, and a Bossa Nova written for twelve cellos!

    Classical Kids

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