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Classical Kids on RTÉjr Radio

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Classical Kids Sunday 21 April 2013

Classical Kids

Did you know that Beethoven wore a wig? You'll hear a song about it this morning, plus music from Swan Lake and some of the less well-known creatures from Carnival of the Animals.

Sunday August 20th, 10am

On today's Classical Kids we'll meet another musical family - the percussion family! We'll also hear part of an opera written about Hansel and Gretel, and take a train ride with some of our favourite nursery rhyme friends. 

Sunday August 27th, 10am

Music fans got so excited watching Franz Liszt play piano, they would keep his rubbish as souveniers and even faint at performances. This obsession was called 'Lisztomania', and on Sunday we'll hear some of the exciting music Liszt wrote for the piano including his Hungarian Rhapsodies and La Campanella. Make sure you have a hat, a scarf, an umbrella and sunglasses this morning because we're going to listen to lots of music about the weather. 



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Producer/Presenter: Ian McGlynn


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