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    Classical Kids Sunday 14 April 2013


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    Classical Kids is a fun introduction to composers, musicians and instruments for younger listeners - and maybe some grownups too!

    Sunday May 3rd
    George Philip Telemann loved writing music but decided to study law instead. But when a friend heard how wonderful his music was, he secretly sent it to some musicians to be performed in public without Telemann knowing! We’ll find about more about this great composer on Sunday and we’ll hear music he wrote for the story of Gulliver’s Travels. We’ll also hear different types of music played on the clarinet, including part of Mozart’s beautiful Concerto in A.

    Sunday May 10th
    The violin is a very important instrument because of its clear sound and beautiful tone, and because it can be played fast and furiously, or more slowly and expressively. We’ll learn about the violin on Sunday and hear a violin sonata by Beethoven, part of a string quartet by Mendelssohn and a violin concerto by Bruch. We’ll also hear a march by Sousa written for a newspaper, and a march by Charles Ives written for a very under-rehearsed orchestra!

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