Classical Kids on RTÉjr Radio

Classical Kids on RTÉjr Radio

Sunday at 10am, repeated Saturday at 7am

Classical Kids Sunday 14 April 2013

Classical Kids on Lyric FM

Classical Kids is a fun introduction to composers, musicians and instruments for younger listeners - and maybe some grownups too!

Sunday March 5th, 10am

Classical Kids celebrates International Women's Day with music by some of the great female composers and musicians. We'll hear music by talented percussionist Evelyn Glennie (check her with Oscar the Grouch in Sesame Street below), the duetting pianist sisters Mariella and Katia Labeque, Irish composer Elaine Agnew. We'll also hear the story of a brave princess named Eliza whose brothers were turned into swans by a wicked witch. It's up to Eliza to save them by knitting shirts from stinging nettles, with music by the Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin.

Sunday March 12th, 10am

This morning we'll hear music that composer Dmitri Shostakovich wrote for his children, Galya and Maxim to play on the piano. Galya gave them their first performance, and we'll hear these short little pieces for the first time on Classical Kids, including The Bear, Merry Story and Clockwork Doll. We'll also visit Old MacDonald's farm, to hear great classical music written for chickens, cows and sheep! 



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Producer/Presenter: Ian McGlynn


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