Discover Ireland give an account of the different breaks available across the country, to please both parents and children, this mid-term break!

Mid Term Break

Plan a fun-filled Mid-Term break for all the family with the National Museum of Ireland. There is an incredible range of interesting and diverse activities taking place across all four museums (Dublin and Mayo) throughout the holiday break. Visit here for more information.

Take the entire family on a journey through the ages from Ancient Egypt to Prehistoric Ireland, to Viking Ireland at the Museum of Archaeology on Kildare Street, Dublin.
• Public Tour: Viking Ireland – 11th of February or 18th of March (3.30pm – 4.30pm)
- Founded by the Vikings, our capital city hosts a treasure trove of Viking history. Discover how the original Dubliners lived.

• St. Valentines Day Special – 14th February (11am – 1pm)
- Learn the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and read through ancient Roman love stories, and at the end of it all create that all important Valentine’s Day card for someone special.

• Public Tour: Top Ten
- Explore 7,000 years of Irish history through 10 exciting artefacts, including the gold lunulae, Tara Brooch and Ardagh Chalice.


Take a tour of the Museum of Decorative Arts and History at Collins Barracks, Dublin. All the family will be captivated by Irish haute couture garments, furniture, silver, jewellery on display.. The museum also features exhibitions exploring Irish military history, including the 1916 Easter Rising.

• Hands on History – Sunday 12th of February or Sunday 4th of March (3pm – 4pm)
- An interactive tour of the historical artefacts and objects on display

• My Museum: What’s the story? – Sunday 19th February (3pm – 4pm)
- Be captivated by storyteller Jack Lynch and his account of stories from his travels around the world. Don’t be disappointed and be sure to come early to get a seat.

Since opening its doors in 1857 the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square, Dublin, has provided visitors with a glimpse into the natural world that surrounds them. From a variety of Irish mammals to giant Irish deer skeletons, the entire family will be captivated the time will escape you during your visit.

• My Museum/Darwin Boy: Monkey Business – Sunday 12th of February (3 – 4pm)
- Discover the links between humans and other mammals

• Mid-Term Inspectorium: Saving Energy with SEAI – 15th / 16th of February (2 – 4pm)
- Find out all about climate change and how you can make a difference

With over four floors of award winning exhibitions, take the family to the Museum of Country Life in Co. Mayo. This is a great opportunity to see how the people of Ireland lived in the hundred years between the Great Famine and the end of the 1950s.