Beware the offer of cheap tablets

Warnings of new scams in the Canary Islands

The European Consumer Centre has advised travellers to the Canary Islands - and elsewhere - to beware the latest scams. For one woman, an electronic tablet, costing €160, ended up costing her €5,000.

Controversy comes to a tranquil and beautiful walkway

Controversy comes to a tranquil and beautiful walkway

It has been described as the most beautiful riverside walks in these islands but plans to introduce a Blueway along the River Barrow in Kildare and Carlow have become contentious. Broadcaster, journalist, Carlow-native and keen walker, Olivia O'Leary, argues why the current walk should be left as it is.

Madrid has just as much to offer as Barcelona, more when it comes to nightlife, according to Kate Murphy

Madrid: Why it has more to offer than Barcelona

Madrid has all the culture, food, beauty, bohemian life, architecture and twice the nightlife that its Catalonian cousin has to offer. Kate Murphy says that you just need to know where to go.