Guinness and ink tempura of hake with oyster and sorrel sauce and seaweed salted chips.

Guinness and Ink Tempura:

  • 300ml Guinness
  • 1Tbs Squid ink
  • 300g Tempura flour
  • 1ts Salt

Oyster and sorrel sauce

  • 6 Oysters
  • 1 bunch Sorrel
  • 1 tsp Wasabi paste
  • 200 ml Rapeseed oil
  • ½ Lemon juiced
  • Pinch of Salt



Guinness and Ink Tempura:

  1. Mix Guinness and ink with salt then add tempura flour and mix

Oyster and sorrel sauce

  1. Shuck oyster’s over a Chinoise being careful to keep all juice, blend oysters with their juices with wasabi, lemon and salt add rapeseed oil slowly to make an emulsion then add sorrel.


  1. Slice Rooster potatoes and soak in water for 10 min to get rid of excess starch.
  2. Blanch at 120°C for 10 min then leave to cool naturally.
  3. Finish cooking at 75 °C and toss with seaweed salt.

To serve:

  1. Dredge Hake in seasoned flour then dip into tempura and straight into the fryer at 175 °C for 3-4 minutes spending on size and place on draining tray and season with seaweed salt.