• 2 lb lobster per person
  • salt to taste
  • olive oil
  • 50 g wild garlic
  • 50 g parsley
  • 200 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 lime
  • honey
  • ice cubes


  • One pound of lobster can make for a nice starter (even for two) but if you wish to really indulge go for at least a two pound lobster per person for a main-course.
  • TIP: Lobster is coming into season and so you should be able to find fresh live lobster at most local fishmongers. Make sure that when you are purchasing lobster that it’s nice and lively and has a strong tough shell. (This makes for a more tender fish when cooked)
  • Put the lobster to sleep. Start by putting the lobsters in the freezer for half an hour, this will put them to rest and it won’t affect the flesh.
  • Blanching: In a big pot, place your lobster in boiling salty water and blanch until fully red. This will take approximately 3 minutes. Afterwards, take it out of the pot and put the fish into ice cold water.
  • Place the cool lobster on a secure cutting board facing you, using a large sharp knife, put the tip of the knife in point were the lines intersect on the lobster head. Press firmly and slice through. Following this, cut along the tail, so you should now have two nice halves.
  • It’s time to BBQ! Get your BBQ nice and hot. Season and rub olive oil onto the flesh of the lobster. Firstly, BBQ the flesh side down and be patient. The lobster will not burn or stick if your BBQ is hot enough.
  • It should take approximately three minutes until you can flip the halves of lobster over to cook the other side. According to the size of your portions it should only take another minute on the shell and it will be ready. When cooked fully the flesh should come out easily from the shell.
  • ASADOR tip: At ASADOR we use wooden chips to smoke our fish during cooking. This adds a whole new dimension to your BBQ experience without having to go through any trouble. Just soak the wooden chips in water and through them in the charcoal before you start to cook
  • For the Herb Dressing to accompany the lobster (a healthy twist to garlic butter):
  • Take an equal amount of wild garlic and parsley and double that in extra virgin olive oil (200g).
  • Add in one lime zest and its juice, a teaspoon of honey and some extra virgin olive oil (depending on how much you prefer).
  • Throw all of the ingredients in the blender with a cube of ice (this keeps the colour to a beautiful green) and finally blitz until smooth.
  • Optional Side: Summer salad. Keep it simple and fresh; choose a light leaf like a baby gem or an iceberg lettuce. Toss in some cherry tomatoes and spring onions and lightly dress with extra virgin olive oil and a touch of lemon juice or vinegar.


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