200 g flat, wide rice noodles (similar in shape to tagliatelle)

250 g chicken breast fillet

flavourless oil, e.g. groundnut, for stir-frying

2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely sliced

200 g tender stem broccoli, cut in half lengthways

about 2 tbsp soy sauce, to taste

2 eggs, beaten

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

wedges of lime, to serve


  1. If using dried noodles, soak them in warm water until softened, according to packet instructions. (This will take about 10 minutes, depending on the brand.)
  2. Meanwhile, butterfly the chicken fillet by slicing through it horizontally, but leaving it joined down one side, then open it out. Flatten it with a rolling pin, then cut it diagonally into strips.
  3. Heat a wok over a high heat and add a dash of oil. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, and stir-fry for about 3 minutes until golden brown all over but not quite cooked through.
  4. Add the garlic and stir-fry for 30 seconds, then add the broccoli and continue to stir-fry for a few minutes until tender; add the soy sauce to season. When the broccoli is tender, remove the contents of the wok and set them to one side. Wipe out the wok, add a dash of oil and heat through.
  5. Drain the soaked noodles. Add the eggs to the hot wok, season and stir over the heat, allowing the bottom of the egg to cook. Add the noodles and toss well, breaking up the egg as you do so. Return the chicken and broccoli mixture to the wok and heat through, stir-frying over a medium heat.
  6. Serve the noodles immediately with wedges of lime to squeeze on top.


© Gordon Ramsay 2012. Recipe extracted from Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course by Gordon Ramsay, published on 30th August by Hodder & Stoughton, £25

Photography copyright © Anders Schønnemann 2012