• 12 elder flower heads
  • 8 l water
  • 2 lemon, grate the zest and juice
  • 60 ml cider vinegar
  • 5 x 250g packets of fruisana fruit sugar or use 1.6 kg of sugar


  • Wash or shake the elder flower heads to remove any bugs that might by crawling on them
  • Place the flowers in a plastic food bucket, add the vinegar, lemon juice and lemon zest
  • Add the water a litre at a time stirring in some of the fruit sugar to dissolve.
  • When all the water has been added, put a lid on the bucket and leave it for two or three days
  • Strain the liquid through muslin cloth into sterilized bottles. You can use either glass bottles with screw caps or plastic bottles that previously had fizzy water or fizzy drinks.
  • Leave in a cupboard for three weeks. Check the bottles regularly and unscrew them slightly every now and again to ensure that there is not too much pressure building up in the bottles, other wise they might explode.


Always be sure that you have correctly identified the plant when foraging wild food or harvesting in the garden. More wild food recipes on my blog: Blooms 'n' Food: