• 500 g salted cod
  • milk to poach cod
  • good dash olive oil
  • 200 ml cream


  • The central ingredient is salted cod, which has to be soaked and de-salted, preferably overnight, maybe with at least one change of water.
  • Then it is poached in a mixture of milk and water for about five minutes.
  • After this take a small paring knife and follow the pin bones from the top, removing any that are large enough to be at risk of sticking in the throat.
  • The smaller hair-like bones are of course easily digested.
  • Andrew then takes the cooked cod and puts it into his food mixer (although he tells me the traditional method of breaking it up is in a pestle and mortar) where he gives it just a very quick whizz to break it up and make it flaky.
  • Once it's loosened up he takes olive oil, which he has warmed up to release the flavours, and adds it to the fish in the mixer, before giving it another little whizz, making it almost like a purée.
  • During this mixing, the temperature of the mixture has dropped, so he boils his cream before adding it to the gently turning mixer.
  • And it's as simple as that.
  • He serves it with a tomato and basil pesto.


English chef Andrew Winship runs an excellent restaurant in Nimes. Here is how he makes his signature dish.