Beetle Sunshine Tour

Beetle Sunshine Tour

The sun is shining, and it's that time of year again, when Beetles old and new prepare to make their annual pilgrimage to the beach.


APMP 2015 Awards

APMP 2015 Awards

Nissan Qashqai wins the top prize from the APMP.

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For the 10th time, fans of these vehicles are coming together on the Baltic coast to celebrate and party, Beetle-style. 

Four-hundred vehicles and up to 4,000 guests and spectators make their way annually to the August fan-meet on the Baltic. 

To make sufficient space for all the Beetles, the tour is for the first time starting this year from Lübeck Airport. The trip finishes in Brügmanngarten in Travemünde. 

Of the hundreds of Volkswagens from six decades at the privately-organised fan fest, one will be crowned 'Most Beautiful Beach Beetle' of them all. 

"It always thrills me to see the great creativity and passion that the participants put into designing their vehicles," says Gaby Kraft, the meet's organiser. 

Volkswagen has been an official event partner since 2005 and will be present again over the weekend of August 15-17 with a number of special vehicles. 

Cars on show will include the Beetle Dune, the concept Cross version of the Beetle and the recently launched Beetle Cabrio Karmann. 

Another eye-catcher will be the GRC Rallycross Beetle, a 544hp four-wheel drive car that has been developed in conjunction with Andretti Autosport for the American GRC race series. 

It will be making its debut in the championship in Los Angeles on September 19. This car needs just 2.1 seconds to accelerate to 100km/h. 

Beetle drivers can secure a starting place in the tour online at:

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