Honda's famous robot has received a makeover.

All-new ASIMO, while similar in looks to previous generations, represents a very significant step forward in technology. 

Where previously ASIMO was an 'Automatic Machine', this newest ASIMO has changed to become an 'Autonomous Machine', with the decision-making capability to determine its behaviour in concert with its surroundings, such as movements of people. 

Featuring the world's first Autonomous Behaviour Control Technology, the all-new ASIMO takes another step closer to practical use in an environment where it can function harmoniously with people. 

ASIMO now has the ability to autonomously move around its environment, recognise faces and distinguish between the voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously. 

In terms of movement abilities, ASIMO now has the ability to perform Sign Language (both American and Japanese), to run, jump, hop, climb stairs and kick footballs, as well as open screw tops, pour drinks and hold paper cups - all significant advances in dexterity and balance.