Easytrip is calling on new car owners to avoid incurring toll bills and penalty notices from motorway operators by updating their account.

Possible scenarios that can lead to drivers paying unnecessary toll charges include:

1) Buying a new car: if you've bought a new car and transferred your existing tag to it, but forgot to update your account details, you'll risk receiving a toll bill (billed at the higher rate) and penalty charges if you've travelled through the M50 toll plaza. This is because your new car registration is not connected to your toll tag account. 

2) Selling your old car: if you've sold your old car and inadvertently left your tag in the car, and haven't updated your toll tag account, the new owner could continue to use your tag at most barrier toll plazas, racking up a bill connected to your account. 

"Whether you're trading in or trading up, purchasing a new car is a huge milestone for most, and we advise motorists not to spoil this time by ensuring that they remove their tag from their old car along with any other personal items," said Ciara O'Brien, General Manager, easytrip.

"We would encourage new car owners to update their account details as soon as they possibly can, once change of ownership has been processed."