Buyers searching for a low mileage MG know that it is next to impossible to find a good one in Ireland.

Even if you travel across the Irish Sea, where the classic car market is more vibrant, there is little or no chance to buy a genuine low mileage MG Midget.

But in June there is a chance to get your hands on a real 'minter' as Anglia Car Auctions has discovered a 'timewarp' classic: an unregistered 1980 MG Midget with just 162 miles on the clock.

The vendor bought the car brand new after hearing of the imminent demise of MG but never registered the vehicle as he intended to give the car to one of his young children on passing their driving test. 

Anglia Car Auctions owner Lyn George explained: "After 11 months, the car was dispatched to Holland Brothers in Sleaford, in a horsebox of all things, for its first annual service.

"The car had, at this point, covered just 143 delivery miles. Whilst at the main dealer, they discovered that the speedo would not read above 10mph. It was duly replaced and the speedometer now reads 19 miles, giving a total mileage of 162." 

The car, in vermillion red, remains unregistered but is complete with the original bill of sale, owner's handbooks and service manuals. 

It is estimated to reach a sale price of between £7,000 to £9,000.

The MG Midget will be just one of the vehicles on offer in Anglia Car Auctions' Classic Sale on Saturday June 14, with viewing on the afternoon of Friday June 13.