Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has presented the Flood family with a new Caddy Maxi Life, which has been specially adapted for the needs of their daughter Caoimhe, after her own vehicle was stolen in a devastating robbery.

The Flood family were burgled in March and thieves stole Caoimhe's specially adapted vehicle after removing the keys from the family home.

The family also lost other items which Caoimhe relies on day to day, including an iPad which helps her to communicate.

The stolen vehicle was found burnt out in Wexford. 

Alan Bateson, Managing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland, said: "When we heard the Flood's story on the Tubridy show on RTE 2fm we knew that we had to step in and help.

"We have heard firsthand how families all over the country rely on these vehicles, many with children who have special needs, and these vehicles act as a lifeline." 

Caoimhe, who is seven-years-old, has cerebral palsy and needs 24-hour care.

Speaking on Ryan Tubridy's 2fm show, Caoimhe's mother, Marliss, explained how the vehicle was stolen while Caoimhe was being looked after by her night nurse.

The following morning when Marliss went downstairs she discovered the family car, a special grey Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life automatic, was gone. 

Marliss said: "I am truly delighted to have received my new Caddy and cannot say enough about the help and assistance that the team at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles gave us during this difficult time.

"From the moment they heard our story the team stepped in to deliver a courtesy replacement vehicle whilst they designed Caoimhe's new vehicle, which was fully adapted within two weeks. We are so touched by how they reached out to us."