Yamaha says the landscape of personal mobility is set to change drastically, and it is working to develop New Mobility solutions designed to facilitate and encourage the adoption of a new mindset amongst urban commuters.

Despite the availability of a wide choice of scooters, a huge number of commuters continue to make their daily journey into the city using public transport or a car.

In addition to these non-riding members of the public, there are also those riders who currently commute on two wheels, or may have done so in the past.

Many of these are attracted by the increased feeling of stability and riding confidence that are associated with a new three-wheel concept.

The all-new Tricity is the first model in Yamaha's New Mobility segment, and it represents a solution to the issue of personal transportation.

Unlike some other larger and heavier multi-wheel, scooter-style vehicles, the Tricity has been developed using a completely different approach in which lightness, sportiness, agility and ease of use are the key elements.

Featuring twin front wheels that automatically lean when cornering, the new Tricity delivers scooter-like agility combined with enhanced confidence and an increased feeling of stability.

With a strong focus on riding enjoyment, ease of use and affordability, Yamaha's Tricity is equipped to transform the daily lives of urban commuters throughout Europe.