New Vivaro

New Vivaro

Opel's new Opel Vivaro is set to combine the functionality of a light commercial vehicle with the comfort and design of a passenger car.

While exterior styling is quite low down on the list of priorities for most van buyers, Opel's bestseller is a good-looking machine.

Complementing Vivaro's new look are state-of-the-art technologies and many practical, innovative features, under the bonnet.

"The second generation Opel Vivaro distinguishes itself with its superb practicality and quality. After 13 successful years on the market, we wanted to make the all-new Vivaro even more attractive while raising the standard of its core capabilities," said Mark Adams, Opel Design Vice President, describing the design team's task.

"The new Vivaro showcases sculptural artistry and German precision with sweeping sculptural design accents, bold proportions and premium accents. This gives it a sharpened and more refined character, making it the ideal mobile business card."

Opel's second-generation Vivaro is due in Ireland this Autumn.

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