VW recall

VW recall

Volkswagen AG says that as part of its continuous vehicle field observation, Quality Assurance has detected defects on Caddy models.

The ball pins, which attach the tailgate gas-pressure dampers to the vehicle, may be pre-damaged on the third-generation of Caddy models fitted with tailgates and built since 2003.

To prevent the tailgate from dropping down unexpectedly if the ball pin becomes detached, a new mount for the gas-pressure damper will be fitted as a precaution and as part of a worldwide recall.

This recall affects a total number of 589,000 Caddy models (523 vehicles in Ireland) that were built between November 2003 and January 2013 and are fitted with tailgates (not with folding doors fixed to the sides).

VW says the vehicle owners affected will be informed.

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