Tweet your journey

Tweet your journey

Honda's #myjourney campaign enables people to share their journeys and document them with images or videos which are then automatically uploaded to the content hub.


APMP 2015 Awards

APMP 2015 Awards

Nissan Qashqai wins the top prize from the APMP.

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Journeys can be anything from driving across the US, trekking through the Himalayas or even cycling through the countryside.

No journey is too big, too small or too emotional, but if you need inspiration check out Honda UK's Twitter feed throughout the campaign.

The campaign was inspired by Jon Hancock (a Honda customer) who, with his wife Christine, travelled around the world in their 1987 Honda Civic.

The Hancocks' journey took them from Bristol in the UK to Suzuka in Japan, the birthplace of their car.

Over eight years, the couple explored the world and experienced the most diverse cultures.

This is only one example of some inspirational Honda journeys.

Ed Marsh rode his Honda C90 motorcycle from Malaysia back to London, and then up through Scandinavia to the Arctic Circle.

On the other side of the world, a brave crew undertook an ambitious journey battling against the oceans in a trip around the top of Australia's northern coast, utilising Honda BF225 Marine Engines.

These journeys embody Honda's core philosophy of "The Power of Dreams".

Jon Hancock explained: "Dreams most certainly can become reality, and things that seem impossible are only impossible due to the limitations of our minds."

Honda hopes the #myjourney campaign, inspired by his truly remarkable story, will encourage others to share and get involved, too.

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