Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations

To mark 20 years in Ireland, Škoda, one of the oldest carmakers in the world, has announced it will host a large scale, celebratory open event throughout its nationwide dealer network until July 6 2013.


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Debuting in Ireland in 1993 with a two-car range, the Czech car maker sold just 76 vehicles through a network of only four dealers.

Twenty years on, the brand has become a household name with over 60,600 vehicles delivered to customers over the period.

Represented by 22 established dealers, the range of vehicles offered by Škoda has grown to 10 model variants.

Now renowned for the quality, affordability and reliability of its vehicles, the period since 2008 has been Škoda's most significant growth period as Irish motorists rediscovered the value of the Škoda range.

During this time, Škoda Ireland's market share has doubled from 3.0% in 2008 to 6.9% year to date, placing the car maker sixth on the sales leader board.

Škoda's festivities will coincide not only with the recent arrival of the new Škoda Octavia, but also with the introduction of the new 132 registration plate to mark the second half of the sales year.

Škoda retailers will be celebrating with unprecedented trade-in allowances and 3.9% APR finance rates for customers throughout June and into July.

John Donegan, Brand Director for Škoda Ireland, said: "We are extremely proud of what has been achieved over the past 20 years.

"The last five years have been among the most challenging the car industry has seen but our products have proven they are fitting for the current environment, where customers are attuning to value more than ever before.

"This is only the beginning for Škoda. We have doubled our market share in just five years and the next five years will see the introduction of even more models to the range, including two new SUVs by 2018.

"Looking to the future, I don't see why Škoda cannot become a top three car brand in Ireland."

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