For the first time in Irish history, a second number plate in a single year, 132, will be on the Irish roads from July 1.

The 131 plate already covers the first six months of the year from January to June and the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) members are now gearing up for launch of the 132 plate.

Speaking at the launch of a special 132 logo, Paul Linders, President of SIMI, said: "Contrary to popular belief the change to the registration system, which is here to stay, is not an attempt to avoid the number 13.

"We have actually been seeking a two-period registration system for over four or five years now. Our industry has become very seasonal, with 70% of new car sales occurring in the first four months of the year.

"This has resulted in unnecessarily difficult stocking and funding pressures on car dealers in the first half of the year."

Up to now consumers may not have had a realistic option of buying a new car in the second half of the year. This is set to change for car buyers, and the new 132 plate will add benefit when it comes to trading-in that car in due course.

To celebrate the start of 132, the first year of the new dual registration system, and to help highlight the change, SIMI has produced the special 132 Logo with the slogan "Think July - Think New Car".

A dedicated website,,has also been launched by the industry body to help consumers to learn about the second registration plate and to carry news on industry offers and activities during the 132 launch period.

Linders added: "While car sales are down overall this year, we would expect to see some pick-up in July as interest develops in the new period. But in reality, this is a long-term project for us and it will take some years to significantly change traditional buying patterns.

"That said, the motor industry will be doing its best to encourage sales and there are some really great offers out there while the 131 plate reaches its end and for the launch of the new 132 plate."

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