Subaru BRZ arrives

Subaru BRZ arrives

The long-awaited, much-admired Subaru BRZ has arrived in Ireland.


APMP 2015 Awards

APMP 2015 Awards

Nissan Qashqai wins the top prize from the APMP.

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From the famous Japanese marque that has produced some of the finest handling sporty saloons ever, BRZ represents a whole new era of driver involvement.

Subaru says that "No other car balances such driving precision with ease of use; such style with so much practicality" - Subaru seems to have forgotten the Toyota GT86 sister car!

The BRZ was born from a desire to build a sports car purely to the Subaru mantra of "sheer driving pleasure".

Subaru goes on to ignore its almost identical twin the GT86 by saying: "This (BRZ) is the world's only front-engine, rear-driven sports car powered by a boxer engine.

"With the lowest centre of gravity of any Subaru, perfect weight distribution, impressive fuel economy, and a truly engaging front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, the BRZ represents the pinnacle of our chassis and engine innovation, in one truly attainable package."

Priced from €39,995, the new Subaru BRZ is keenly priced, and well-equipped, with an attention to detail that will keep a smile on your face.

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