Tyre maker Continental (Ireland) has found out some interesting things about dating.

On a first date, guys might like to consider picking up their dates in their car as two-thirds of girls say they would be either flattered or pleasantly surprised to be picked up from their home by a prospective partner.

For the boys, only slightly more than half (52%) said they would like to be picked up at the house on a first date.

But if you plan on picking up your date, try to ensure the car is clean and presentable: 57% of respondents said it would not be a great start to a date if the car was messy inside, while a further 12% said they would mention the fact that the driver could have made a bit more of an effort.

As might be expected, the lads were more lax in this regard: only 48% of male respondents would be put out by a dirty car, while for the girls the figure was more than 75%.

However, when it comes down to it, the majority of both girls and boys believe that the type of car will have little bearing on first impressions of their date: 80% of respondents said either they could not care less about the type of car or so long as it is presentable, they don't really mind.

The sexes were singing from the same hymn sheet on this as 85% of boys and 84% of girls said that car type would not matter to them.