FIAT pricing

FIAT pricing

FIAT Group Automobiles Ireland has announced its revised pricing for 2013, despite the lack of clarity from the Government regarding VRT, road tax and number plate revisions due next year


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FIAT has chosen to extensively streamline its range, focusing on the most popular derivatives, which in turn facilitates low and fluid stock levels.

The FIAT Panda range, for example, has the same number of versions available as in 2012 despite welcoming the new normally-aspirated, 65hp TwinAir and 4X4 Climbing models to the range for 2013.

Whereas the TwinAir Turbo commands a premium of around €1,000 (depending on the model) compared to the 1.2 69hp engine, the new TwinAir 65hp is only an additional €500, a small price to pay to cut CO2emissions from 120g/km to just 99g/km which could be further offset by a potential reduction in road tax.

Quite what the total saving to the consumer will be for opting for the new TwinAir 65hp we will have to wait until December to learn, however.

The FIAT 500 range is reduced from 11 derivatives to just four, with renewed emphasis on the low CO2-emission TwinAir engines, while the entry level price of the hardtop has been reduced by €400 to €12,495 compared to 2012.

The 500C Cabrio now starts at €15,495 - a price reduction of almost €1,000 - while the entry-point for the award-winning FIAT 500 TwinAir is reduced from €16,745 to €13,495, a massive reduction of €3,250.

FIAT Punto range is reduced from eight derivatives to just three with reconfigured pricing to better suit Irish market conditions.

The entry point for the five-door FIAT Punto, for example, has been reduced from €15,295 to just €13,495, a remarkable saving of €1,800.

The TwinAir 85hp model is also reduced by €1,800 - from €16,295 to just €14,495 - and that despite the addition of two extra doors. With a price difference of just €1,000 compared to the 1.2 69hp, it is expected to be a cornerstone model in 2013, particularly when its low CO2emissions (98g/km, compared to 1.2’s 120g/km) and improved performance are taken into consideration.

The price of the five-door FIAT Punto diesel remains unchanged despite significant technological upgrades to its 1.3-litre MultiJet engine.

It now employs new efficiency technologies (Intelligent Alternator and Intelligent Flow) to reduce its CO2 emissions to a mere 90g/km while power increases from 75hp to 85hp for improved driver satisfaction.

Priced at €15,495, FIAT Punto diesel will be one of the most competitive superminis on the market in Ireland in 2013.

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