Whatever about his taste in cars, Donald Trump, was at least an early adopter of technology in them. Now his original Trump Golden limousine is up for sale.

Back in 1988 (classified on one technology website as pre-history), Donald Trump was well on the way to Trump branding and self-promotion and this time it was with cars.

He persuaded Cadillac to take an order for 50 Trump Limousines (oddly enough, the order was never completed) but at least two cars did manage to prowl their way onto the streets of New York.

The Trump limo had a fax machine, a TV (black and white), a paper shredder and a drinks cabinet. And this was all in the middle of a recession.

Trump Limo interior

The plan was to build two types of limos - the Trump Golden Series and the Trump Executive Series - and "Cadillac Trump" branding was everywhere, even stitched (in gold lettering, of course) into the seats. The problem seems to have been that the only person interested in buying one, or who could afford one, was Trump.

Trump LImo

One of the two cars originally built for Trump has been in the UK since 1991 and is now for sale. Sevenvale Cars in Gloucester originally advertised the car in the rather unglossy Exchange and Mart but there was still bound to be plenty of interest.

Sevenvale describes the car as "a unique vehicle that offers a rare opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to buy a car that will always attract interest. We know the current owner, who bought it ten years ago, and it's been his pride and joy. We hope it will fetch a good price".

Now Bonham's auctioneers has moved to offer the car for auction next week with a guide price of between £10,000 and £12,000 Sterling.

One thing is certain, like Trump, this is one of a kind and you're not going to see another one.