Pamela with gorgeous seven-week old baby Gracie

Pamela Flood loving life with baby Gracie

Celebrating the arrival of baby number three, Pamela Flood looks beautiful, healthy and, as she told RTÉ LifeStyle, very happy. She launched the Aldi Baby & Toddler Event and used the opportunity to introduce beautiful Gracie to the world.

Ah young love...hopefully they're looking over their financial plans for 2016

Sorting out your 2016 finances? Five useful checklists

Very few of us look forward to sitting down to sort out our financial lives. With that in mind The Money Doctor has created five checklists to break the task into simple, less-daunting chunks - which one best describes you?

The new Barbie range of dolls

Barbie gets a make-over at 57

Mattel has decided to give Barbie a make-over after 57 years, introducing tall, petite and curvy body versions of the iconic doll. About time or is the original the best?

RTÉ's Adam Maguire on the Apps that can help get you fit

Techy Apps to get you Fit

The new year always brings with it promises of healthier living - though the January enthusiasm can often be hard to muster by the time February rolls around.

Pippa O'Connor encouraging us to eat our 5-a-day

Ireland not eating its 5-a-Day

A new report has revealed that despite the increase in sales of fruit and veg, Ireland is only getting half of its 5-a-day.

Planning ahead is the bright thing to do

Simplifying Your Personal Finance: Part 2

Last week, we covered savings and investment and hopefully you are now on the way to making your next million...this week The Money Doctor is addressing borrowings, insurance and money management.

Brookfield Farm's Ailbhe Gerrard

Getting to know...Brookfield Farm Honey

Brookfield Farm's Ailbhe Gerrard is passionate about Irish honey, bees and their nutritional benefits. Plus she has a fantastic tip about how to keep yours at its best.

Almost 70% of the US workforce are considering a career year in 2016

Kick-start your career in 2016: New Year, New you

The turning of the year is ultimately like the twist of a kaleidoscope - for employers and employees alike. So how do you find yourself on the right side when the pieces have settled? Flow Group's Ian McClean has the answers...and the questions!

Mimi's French Classes creators Angie Canavan (l) and Hélène Giacometti

How many languages can your baby speak?

There has been a lot of talk over the years that learning two or more languages is beneficial to children's brain development and Angie Canavan, director of Mimi's French Classes, believes in the 'bilingual advantage'.

Six Women's Snack Options to choose from in the OT Food Plan

Women's Snack Options: Operation Transformation

The Operation Transformation Food Plan has six different snack options for you to choose from and recommends that we should each eat two a day. Men's snack options coming soon to RTÉ Food...

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