Oooh... shiny, new salon

Is it OK to Cheat on Your Hairdresser?

In the first of our new series that aims to answer your social etiquette queries and banish your faux pas fears, Sheena Madden asks if it's OK to play the field when it comes to one of a woman's most sacred bonds: Client & hairdresser!

You rarely feel worse after a work-out - the endorphins are pretty great

Why does Yoga Make Everything Feel Better?

Exercise, or any sort of physical activity makes everything feel good. In this fabulous weather, being outdoors, and a little more active than normal, is a recipe for happiness.

When buying during the sales, your consumer rights don't change

What are the Do's/Don't's about Summer Sales?

The summer sale season will be here soon so we are on the lookout for bargains. Signs saying reductions of up to 70% are sure to catch your eye, but may also lead you to buy items on impulse, items that you might not need or that might not fit you.

Makeup Mondays Episode 8 - Dark Lip

Makeup Mondays Episode 8 - Dark Lip

Welcome to Makeup Mondays - our weekly beauty series that shows you quick and simple tutorials to achieve certain looks, by professional Irish makeup artists. This week we're showing you how to get the perfect Dark Lips.

The complaint has to be made to the retailer or trader as soon as possible

Tips to Make a Successful Complaint

Before you make a complaint it's important to know what your consumer rights are. If you bought a faulty product or paid for a service that did not meet the terms agreed, there are ways to put things right.

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