RTÉ LifeStyle talks to the team behind the Late Late Toy Show

Toy Show: The people that make the magic

Part of the Toy Show magic are the magical costumes and sets that set it apart from all other TV spectacles on the Irish calendar, helping to make it the most popular TV show of the year.

Movember co-founder Justin Coghlan

Movember 2015: The Final Push

As Movember comes to an end for another year, co-founder Justin Coghlan reveals some of the biggest MoBros and MoSistas of 2015, why the campaign is bigger than ever and what's next.

Aoife Hearne left with Kathryn Thomas and Dr Ciara Kelly

OT's Aoife: Top 3 lunchbox No-No's

With the end of the first school term within sight, we mums and dads can somethings get into bad lunchbox habits - Operation Transformation's Aoife Hearne gets us back on track.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Best cure for Central Heating dryness? Salt!

Who would have thunk it? Salt seems to be one of the best cures for dry skin, hair and hands caused by central heating but it's not your average table salt as Nutritionist Mags Carey and Dietician allergy specialist Niamh Brannelly told RTÉ LifeStyle.

10 Reasons to have a Prepaid Card

10 Reasons to have a Prepaid Card

Albert Einstein said "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them". I am not saying I am a genius but I do believe prevention is better than cure when it comes to prepaid credit cards.

Photo bombing by an Elvis impersonator? Tad naff

Naff Weddings: The Pitfalls to Avoid

Everyone wants their Big Day to be 'different' which often ends up meaning 'naff'. Here are the pitfalls to avoid in this month's Diary of an accidental Wedding Planner.

Donal Skehan

Recipes: Donal Skehan, Cook, Eat, Burn

Check out Donal's delicious recipes from the first episode of his brand new show, Cook, Eat, Burn. Gluten-free Pancakes with Blueberry, Banana and Honey, Super Power Chilli with Charred Corn Salsa and Roast Squash Salad with Sriracha Yoghurt.

Mother Teresa will reportedly be canonised in 2016 - Watch her iconic Late Late appearance here

Mother Teresa could be canonised in 2016

Ahead of the news that it looks like Mother Teresa could finally be canonised in September 2016, we take a look back at her iconic appearance on The Late Late Show with Gay Byrne.

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