Electric Ireland's online store launches new range of cost effective lighting.

Finding ways to save money is something we are all thinking about, with this in mind Electric Ireland reckon you can save up to 88% on lighting costs by simply changing to LED spotlights instead of halogen.

They say that their latest range of LED spotlights available now through their web store are budget friendly with quality output and light quality, while ensuring reduced electricity usage.

The GE 6 Watt GU10 LED spotlights give the same light output as a standard 50 Watt halogen version while giving an 88% energy saving and lasting 12 times as long. While the 50 Watt halogen can cost €10.40 a year in electricity usage (based on use of three hours a day), the LED 6 Watt spotlight has a comparable running cost of just €1.25, saving the home owner €9.15 each year in electricity costs for each 50 Watt halogen bulb replaced.

With a five year manufacturer’s warranty, the GE LED 6W 230V GU10 spotlight is available from www.electricirelandstore.ie at an introductory price of €19.99.

• 88% energy saving
• Lasts 12 times as long as the standard halogen version
• 320 lumen brightness
• Dimmable from 100% to 20%
• Traditional warm light colour (2700deg. K)
• 35 degree beam angle (standard)
• GU10 base