Trees, Shrubs and Roses

Planting of bare-root deciduous trees, hedging and shrubs can continue during dry weather. Evergreens can still be planted buton an exposed site where severe witner winds might dry out the foliage,  it would be best to wait until spring for planting.Rose bushes can be planted now, but not in wet soil.All kinds of pot-grown trees and shrubs can also be planted, of course. Check that all climbers or wall shrubs are properly tied in.


Before really hard frost arrives, dahlias, begonias and gladiolus growing gardens in frosty localities should be lifted to prevent damage, or covered with soil in milder areas. Spring bulbs should be in the ground by now but should be planted if not; tulips react less badly to later planting. Bedding plants for spring colour should be put in now, if not already done.  Bulbs in pots to be forced for indoor use can be taken out of the ground and into a greenhouse or cool bright area indoors and then into a warmer place to flower.


If moss is obvious, lawn mosskiller can still be used. Otherwise, the moss will grow strongly until summer and will build up in thickness.. Trim edges of a lawn, even if it not mowed to leave it looking neat over winter. Occasional mowing in winter is a good idea if the soil is not too wet. Grass tends to grow a little over winter and an occasional mowing will keep it right.
Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

This is the ideal time for planting new fruit trees and bushes as the soil is usually in ideal condition. Dig over vegetable ground, removing old crops, or chopping them up and burying them as you dig. Store vegetables that can be over-wintered in a pit or cool shed. Control weeds over areas of ground that will be dug over later in winter. Spread compost before digging in.
Greenhouse and House Plants

Greenhouse and House Plants

Remove all debris and dead plants and ventilate occasionally. Water very little to reduce the risk of grey mould disease. Set up a greenhouse frost protection heater to protect tender plants, such as geraniums or fuchsias.

Plant of the Day 22 November 2014

Plant of the Day 22 November 2014
Cortaderia selloana     pampas grass

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