Trees, Shrubs and Roses

The ground is generally in good order at this time of year for planting all kinds of deciduous and pot-grown conifers and broadleaved evergreens. Delay planting if the soil is wet. Deciduous trees and shrubs can also be moved during this time, as can roses. Most kinds of deciduous shrubs move well, especially if they are not too old, and some care is taken with lifting. Check stakes and ties on young trees and provide a stake for shrubs or standard roses that are showing signs of rocking.


It is now time to plant spring bedding and bulbs especially tulips. Remove the old summer bedding and plant the spring plants straightaway, making sure to remove weeds first. Pots and other containers can be re-planted with spring bedding and bulbs. Lift, divide and re-plant perennial flowers that have grown too large.Collect seeds from perennial flowers that have seed-pods and either sow rightaway or store the seeds dry until spring.


It is important to continue mowing into autumn, providing the soil is not soggy, because grass grows almost year round and can grow very long if not mowed after October. Be sure to rake off leaves from the lawn or pick them up with a rotary mower. Lawn moss will now be coming into its prime season and can be treated with sulphate of iron.
Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

At this stage, though it might seem like a chore, the vegetable garden needs to be tidied up and old crops removed. Potatoes, carrots and swede turnips can be stored in suitable conditions — a cool shed with an earthen or concrete floor, or an outdoor pit, is ideal but take precautions against rodents. Plant fruit trees and bushes, and these are available now in garden centres.
Greenhouse and House Plants

Greenhouse and House Plants

Remove old plants and tidy up all greenhouse debris and weeds to leave it neat and clean.Water sparingly and check for pests. House plants should not be fed until growth begins next year and watering should be just sufficient to keep the compost just moist, never wet. Do not stand plants in saucers of water and remove dust from the leaves.

Plant of the Day 30 October 2014

Plant of the Day 30 October 2014
Sedum telephium ‘Atropurpureum’    purple iceplant

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