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Rhubarb Bread And Butter Pudding

Ed says: “Try to source your cream and milk for this recipe from a local farm if you can – the flavour will be so much richer.”

White Chocolate and Baileys Milkshake

From: Four Live

A gorgeous twist to your average milkshake

Pan fried rib eye of beef with celeriac + horseradish puree, salt baked beetroot + tenderstem broccoli

From: MasterChef Ireland

Mark McGrath's key ingredient recipe from Heat 2 of MasterChef 2014

Chocolate croissant bread and butter pudding

From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

An intensely moreish dessert, perfect for a night by the fire

Rice pudding with spiced apples

From: The Restaurant

A dessert that is sure to please.

Orange vanilla Rice Pudding

A delicious old-fashioned warm dessert.

Hot Cross Buns

From: The Afternoon Show

A seasonal sensation hot from the oven.

Pasta Box with Rainbow Vegetables

From: Operation Transformation

A delicious and healthy lunch.

Chocolate Pudding

Make a devilishly delicious chocolate pudding.


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