Tamarin Blackmur serves up this dish for MasterChef Ireland.


  • carrots– various types
  • onions
  • beetroot – various types
  • rock salt
  • egg whites
  • cucumber
  • chanterelles
  • broad beans
  • snow peas
  • potato
  • tomatoes – various types
  • cream
  • spinach leaves
  • flower buds
  • baby aubergines
  • butter/water
  • fresh hazelnut
  • leek
  • lemon


  • Onion Puree: Slice onion and sauté slowly in pan with butter. Put into mixer and add a few tablespoons of cream. Pass through fine sieve and set aside before use.
  • Salt Baked beetroot: Cover beetroot with salt and egg white. Bake in high oven for 45mins or until done. Remove and take out beetroot. Peel off skin and season.
  • Hazelnuts: Remove from shells and cut into pieces
  • Cooking liquid: Combine butter and water. Mix with mixer.
  • Fry chanterelles in butter. Season with lemon and salt. Drain on paper towel.
  • Cooked Vegetables:
  • Carrots: Clean and cook for a few minutes in cooking liquid.
  • Broad beans: Cook beans for a few minutes in hot water. Remove and place in iced water. Remove outer skin. Just before serving warm in emulsion liquid.
  • Aubergine/Leeks: Grill on a hot grill until done.
  • Smoked Aubergine: Put grilled aubergines in a container and use smoke gun to fill container. Seal container and remove after a few minutes.
  • Spinach leaves: fry in oil until crisp.
  • Potato: cook in cooking liquid.
  • Uncooked vegetables:
  • Beetroot: Slice into thin discs and place in iced water until ready to plate.
  • Peas: Remove from shells.
  • Tomatoes: Cut into pieces.
  • Carrots: slice thinly on mandolin.
  • Cucumber: Juice in juicer. Use as marinade for thinly sliced carrots and drizzle on salad when plating.
  • Cucumber: Slice cucumber for plate.

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