A classic, sweet and simple dessert, revved up a gear by MasterChef Ireland 2011 finalist Mike Curran


  • 4 cox, pink lady or granny smith apples
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 30 g butter
  • 0.5 tblsp water
  • 1 tblsp lemon juice
  • 1 sheet puff pastry (cut to size of slightly larger than tarte dish)
  • 250 ml double cream
  • 250 ml milk full fat
  • 3 vanilla pod, split open (1 for presentation)
  • 6 egg yolks


  • Ensure the apples are peeled, cored and cut into small wedges and mixed with lemon juice.
  • In the bottom of the tarte dish/pan, place 40g of sugar and the water, heat until it turns to syrup and becomes pale blond in colour, then add ¾ of the butter and mix.
  • Place the sliced apples on top tightly, brush with butter, sprinkle with remaining sugar and place container in oven at 180°C for 15 mins to soften the apples.
  • Remove the container and place the frozen pastry on top, tucking the edges in. Prick the pastry with holes to allow steam to come out. Return to the oven until the pastry is crispy brown for approx 30 minutes.
  • Once out of the oven allow to cool for as long as possible before serving.
  • Turn on the ice-cream machine.
  • Bring the cream & milk to a boil with the vanilla pod. In a mixing bowl add the egg yolks and sugar and whisk frantically until a mousse develops and the sugar has dissolved.
  • To loosen add some of the milk/cream mix, then add the egg mix to the saucepan whisking quickly, strain, place in a mixing bowl and chill quickly, using the ice underneath the bowl.
  • Once chilled, add to the ice cream machine.
  • Split a vanilla bean almost completely and dust with castor sugar for decoration.
  • When ready to serve, place in centre of plate alongside a scoop of the vanilla ice cream.

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