To mark National Potato Day, which takes place on the 25th of August, I have put together this simple recipe. It is a great way to make the most out of your left over potatoes using some of Ireland's finest ingredients.


  • 400 g cold mashed ballycotton new potatoes
  • 4 slices kanturk blackpudding, diced
  • 4 tblsp ballymaloe country relish
  • 75 g onions, diced.
  • odlums plain cream flour for dusting
  • glenilen country butter
  • 4 tblsp thinly sliced chives
  • pinch of irish atlantic sea salt & black pepper


  • Mix the mashed potato, tomato relish and chives with some seasoning.
  • Carefully fold in the black pudding and onion.
  • Shape into 4 patties and dust in the flour.
  • Heat a knob of butter over a medium heat in a large non-stick frying pan.
  • Cook the potato cakes for 3 mins each side until golden and the blackpudding is cooked.
  • Serve with a dollop of relish.
  • Serve 2 black pudding cakes per person, topped with a dollop of tomato relish.


For an extra treat, fry an egg and place it over the potato cakes for a delicious weekend treat.

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