Elderberry Gin Martini

This cocktail is made with the elderberry infused gin, elderberry cordial that has a touch of clove added to it and a little lemon juice.


  • 1 shot of my special elderberry gin (alternative would be ordinary gin)
  • a tiny squeeze of lemon
  • shot of elderberry cordial (alternative for our viewers blackcurrant cordial)
  • ice


  1. Use a shaker with this. There's a tiny squeeze of lemon that goes in and it's poured into a chilled martini glass. Then light the orange over it.
  2. The cordial is flavoured with clove so there's a lovely splash of Christmas in it.
  3. Festive Flourish: peel a 2 inch curl of orange zest and char it with a lighter.
  4. Then place the orange peel into glass to give it a citrusy kick


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