Volcanic Chocolate Krispie Cakes

Rice krispie buns with a difference!


  • 400 g rice krispies
  • 200 g chocolate (choose a milk for kids or dark for adults)
  • 100 g popping candy


  1. I try to use a slightly different mould to shape these buns but of course it’s fine to put them into bun cases as you normally would. If you can find a rubber mould they work really well.
  2. Place them into the fridge for just a few minutes to let the chocolate set before removing from the mould.
  3. Begin by melting the chocolate. It is best to do this in a bowl over some simmering water. Try to avoid the micro wave; they can over heat the chocolate causing it to crystallize.
  4. Once the chocolate is completely melted allow if to cool for a few moments before adding the krispies.
  5. Mix this well and again allow it sit for a moment or so , be sure that all the chocolate has been absorbed by the krispies as too much liquid will set the popping candy off.
  6. Now add the popping candy, mixing gently. Place the mix into the moulds and allow to set before serving.


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