Cavaillon melons might be hard to find in Ireland, but we do have a good choice of melons these days, and I am using three types.


  • for the lemon balls:
  • 3 melons: honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon
  • pastis
  • for presentation:
  • a sprinkling of icing sugar


  • Cut the melons in half and, using a little melon ball scoop, take as many little balls as you can out of one half of each.
  • Peel and juice the second half of each and add the juice to the melon balls.
  • Add a little pastis to the dish to give the mixture that extra French zing. It's a simple as that.
  • The making of the almond twizzle/tuilles is a little bit more complicated, but really only a little.
  • Put the flaked almond into a bowl, make a light syrup by adding water to the sugar and warming it gently.
  • Pour it over the almonds and stir them around. The purpose of the sugar syrup is simply to hold the almonds together.
  • Spoon the mix onto a baking tray in little biscuit shapes and pop it under the grill. Keep an eye on it as it gently caramelises.
  • If it is too hot or you leave it too long it will quickly burn.
  • Take the tray from under the heat and let the twizzles cool.
  • Pop them in the fridge for a few minutes really to crisp them up and when they are ready, spoon over the melon mixture and serve.

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