Baked Apricots with Almonds and White Chocolate

A great recipe for the end of summer when there is a glut of apricots - very simple and very fast.


  • 8 apricots
  • butter
  • muscovado sugar
  • figs/ prunes/dried apricots
  • vanilla ice cream to serve


  1. Take a casserole dish and pack the apricots in nice and closely to encourage the juices to flow.
  2. Then add a little bit of butter and some sugar on there, just to caramelise them - you can use demerara or muscovado.
  3. That goes in a nice hot oven, 190-200°C, for about 10 minutes - just the time to make up the topping.
  4. Now we start by cutting up the figs.
  5. Among the various thing you can use in this recipe are dried apricots, prunes, really anything you happen to have in the cupboard - some pistachios to give it some colour, some almonds, chopped white chocolate (lots of it) and some honey to bind it all together.
  6. Try to avoid actually making it into a paste, so just stir it roughly in the bowl.
  7. The apricots should be ready to come out about now.
  8. They are nice and hot and the idea is that you put a little dollop of this chocolate and dried fruit mixture on each of them and then serve that with some nice vanilla ice cream.
  9. A dish for someone with a severely sweet tooth!


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