A delicious and healthy meal!


  • 1 tblsp olive oil
  • 600 g sirloin steak
  • 200 g onions (2 medium, cut roughly)
  • 300 g mushrooms cut in four
  • 400 g can whole peeled tomatoes
  • 4 carrots (400g cut in thin half moons)
  • 400 g broccoli
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 beef flavoured stock cube
  • salt
  • pepper
  • twig of fresh rosemary
  • 200 ml red wine (70kcal for 100ml)
  • 1 tblsp cranberry sauce
  • 1 tblsp crushed garlic


  • Heat olive oil in a large pot. Add carrots and onions and leave to sweat.
  • Cut steak into strips using a knife or scissors and add to pot to seal the meat.
  • When meat is sealed, add whole peeled tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, bay leaves, stock cube, rosemary, red wine, cranberry sauce and garlic. You can also season to your taste at this stage.
  • Cover with lid and leave to cook, stirring occasionally.
  • Leave to simmer for 40 minutes.

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