A great, fun activity to make and eat with the kids!


  • pudding shaped cake (chocolate or fruit cake) created using a dolly varden tin or a pudding bowl.
  • 1 lb red sugarpaste
  • 2 lb white sugar
  • edible sugar glitter (pink) and brush
  • dolly (‘barbie’ or ‘cindy’ size)
  • cake dowel
  • cutters and embossers (or alternatives)
  • green sugarpaste, double-sided sticky tape and tinsel (for board)
  • royal icing + piping bag
  • various christmas decorations (for headdress)
  • thin ribbon (for around ‘waist’)


  • The first thing to do is cover your board – you don’t have to but it makes such a nice addition to your cake. Cover board with rolled out green sugarpaste and finish off by fixing some sparkly tinsel around the edge of the board.
  • Once covered, it’s time to place your pudding shaped cake on the board. Pipe some Royal icing on your board and fix the cake in the position you want it (allow room at the back if you wish to create a ‘train’ on your dress.
  • Once the cake is fixed to the board, roll out a ‘sausage shape’ of white sugar paste to be added around the base of the cake – keep measuring and when the length is right, fix to the base, manipulating into place with your fingers.
  • To create some realistic folds and contours to your dolly’s dress, roll four fat sausage shapes of sugar paste and fix from top to bottom around the cake.
  • You are now ready to create your ‘skirt’. Roll out your white sugar paste and create a circle shape. Keep measuring it over your cake by gently moving it to and from your rolling area to the cake with a rolling pin. Once you are happy with the size, drape the ‘skirt’ over the cake and manipulate over the folds to create the desired look.
  • Next up it’s the red panels that create the ‘over-jacket’ To create one, cut a shape using a professional cutter or with a knife and your imagination! Once cut, use a professional embosser (to create a pattern in the paste) or use something from around the kitchen! (bubble wrap, sieve, cheese grater – by rolling any of these over the paste you will create a fantastic pattern!)
  • Next, layout some kitchen paper as this part could be messy. Using a little sugar water, wet the top of your paste and with your brush, spread the edible glitter dust over the panel.
  • (You have an option to add further rolls of sugar paste on top of the skirt to create folds for your over jacket)
  • The panel can now be fixed to the cake with some sugar water.
  • Repeat until you have enough panels to create your jacket and fix to the cake. The cake should be left overnight to allow all these steps to dry.
  • In the meantime, take your dolly and remove your lower half (sorry Dolly!). Pop the cake dowel inside and fix to the inside of the Dolly’s head – the Dolly becomes a lolly dolly!
  • It’s time to sugar paste your dolly with her new bodice. To keep everything hygienic, clip the dolly’s hair out of the way with a ‘bulldog’ style clip.
  • MAKING THE STRAPS FOR THE BODICE: Roll out your red sugar paste and cut out two strips approx 1cm width. Don’t worry about them being too long as you can trim them once you check them on your dolly. Once your strips are ready to be applied, pipe some Royal Icing on the shoulders (two dots) on the chest (two dots) and on the back (two dots). Place your two straps on the doll, trim any excess length and fix to the royal icing dots.
  • MAKING THE BODICE: Roll out your red sugar paste and cut out a bodice that will go right around your dolly and meet at the back. As always, keep checking by wrapping it around your dolly until your happy. You can cut out a neckline – sweetheart is a V cut out.
  • Once you’re happy, fix to the dolly with a little Royal Icing.
  • Now it’s time to pop your dolly into your cake. Using the dowel to create the hole, place your dolly on it’s dowel into the centre of the ‘skirt’ of the cake.
  • Fix a thin circle of red sugar paste to any space between the dolly’s bodice and the red over jacket. This can also be used to hold any ribbon you wish to tie around your dolly’s waist.
  • Now the really fun part – the royal icing designs
  • Have fun with this. Fill your piping bag with royal icing and select the nozzle you wish you use (smaller for smaller piping etc)
  • Pipe around the edge of the skirt.
  • You will probably want to change the nozzle to a much smaller nozzle to pip around the bodice – you can always test it on a piece of kitchen roll.
  • Pipe in whatever fashion you wish. You can pipe right around the edge of the over-jacket and you can of course pipe little ‘roses’ in various points around the base of the skirt.
  • Allow your dolly icing to dry overnight or, ideally, for a couple of days.
  • Once you’re happy your dolly icing is dry, you can let her hair down and create a fun headdress using pieces of Christmas decorations – use your creative juices and have fun – or get the kids involved!

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