Steamed Artichokes and Blue Cheese Sauce

A simple but very tasty cheesy indulgence.


  • two artichokes
  • 100 g ripe blue cheese (roquefort, cashel blue, stilton)
  • 250 ml single cream
  • salt and pepper


  1. Put the artichokes in the steaming basket over a large pot of boiling water. Cover and steam for about 50 minutes. The leaves at the base of the stem should pull away easily. (If you don’t have a steaming set up, simply boil the artichokes and drain them well).
  2. Remove from the pot and cool.
  3. Heat the cream in a saucepan with the blue cheese until it melts. Whisk lightly to help along the process.
  4. Add a little pepper (and salt if needed) and serve in a dipping bowl beside the artichokes.
  5. Dip the base of the leaves into the sauce as you go along. Then, when you arrive at the final disc, pour some sauce over it and finish the job!


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