Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Cups

These chocolate, caramel and hazelnut cups are perenially popular.


  • 200 g dark or milk chocolate (good quality only)
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 1 floz water
  • 4 floz double cream
  • 20 hazelnuts (roasted and skinned)
  • 20 foil sweet/petite four cases


  1. Melt the chocolate and remove from the heat.
  2. Spoon into 20 foil cases, spread evenly up the sides with a small spoon or brush.
  3. Place on baking tray and leave in a cool place until the chocolate has set.
  4. Place the sugar and water in a heavy based saucepan on a moderate heat and allow to cook until the mixture begins to turn a caramel colour.
  5. Carefully pour the cream into the sugar mixture. Take great care doing this as the mixture is extremely hot and may spit.
  6. Take off the heat and whisk until smooth and pour into a bowl and allow to cool completely.
  7. Spoon half a tablespoon into the base of all the foil cases.
  8. Place a hazelnut in the centre of the caramel and then spoon enough caramel over the hazelnut to cover.
  9. Freeze for 15 minutes.
  10. Remove the chocolates from the freezer and spoon the remaining chocolate over the caramel and decorate with drizzled chocolate and gold dust (optional).


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