Rice to accompany your main dish

Perfect Plain Boiled Rice: Rory O'Connell's Tips

This is the sort of simple rice dish you will want to serve with some dishes when the rice is not intended to compete with the main dish but to accompany it as a nourishing and delicious starch. The object of the exercise is light fluffy separate grains of rice.

You can make a very tasty vegetarian meal with these beans

Bye bye Black Eyed Peas. O'Connell spills d'Beans

Rory O'Connell shares his recipe for Black Eyed Beans with Oyster Mushrooms from his RTÉ One How to Cook Well...programme and he says: "These beans are perhaps the easiest pulse of all to identify with their cartoon like black eyes."

A delicious buttermilk and lemon pudding.

Buttermilk and Lemon Puddings: Rory O'Connell

These comforting upside down buttermilk and lemon puddings with caramel and pineapple are best eaten warm, though they are still delicious at room temperature...at any time of year.

Enjoy a delicious and healthy goat's cheese and thyme tart with tomato oil

Goats Cheese Tart & Tomato Oil: Rory O'Connell

The goats cheese is simply pushed into the tart base, sprinkled with thyme leaves and then the savoury batter is poured over. The tomatoes are used in a little salsa-like oil that accompanies it.

Hazelnut Pavlova with Summer Strawberries, Mascarpone Cream and Basil Drizzle

Pavlova: Summer Strawberries, Basil Drizzle

Summer parties? Catherine Fulvio, celebrity chef and Whirlpool ambassador, has the perfect recipe for you to treat you friends with a summery pavlova with Strawberries, Mascarpone Cream and Basil Drizzle.

Catherine's Creamy Citrus Pancake Stack

Creamy Citrus Pancake Stack: Catherine Fulvio

Catherine says: "Yum! This is really good and half healthy as it has the fruit in between and is easy to assemble. The pancakes can be made the day before and the cream combined, so then it is just an assembly job!"

Rory's recipe of a roast leg of lamb with mint relish.

Roast Leg of Lamb with Mint Relish

You will have more time this weekend with the bank holiday so why not try this delicious recipe of roast leg of lamb with salt, pepper and mint relish.

Delicious chocolate brownies.

Chocolate Brownies

These chocolate brownies are the perfect dessert for this weekend, delicious served with a dollop of cream or ice cream.

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