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Trish's Mediterranean Kitchen

Trish's Mediterranean Kitchen

Summer has arrived and Trish Deseine, who has shared the secrets of her Paris kitchen through numerous best-selling books and last year's television series 'Trish's Paris Kitchen', is heading south for this brand-new 6-part series. She's lived in Paris for more than 20 years and like any true Parisienne, flees the city in the summer. For this series she is heading down to the Mediterranean, to sample the delights of Marseilles, Toulon, the Camargue and the vineyards of Provence. The Mediterranean has been described as a superhighway of culture, transport and trade and certainly the history of the region makes it a melting pot. Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Persian, Phoenician, Jewish, Arab, Turkish, Greek and, crucially, Roman people have all left their mark. And that diversity is reflected in the rich mix of ingredients that Trish finds to bring into her Mediterranean Kitchen.


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