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Perfect egg for the weekend.

Brunch? Mix It Up with Turkish Eggs

Ever heard of Turkish eggs? They are a delicious, tasty, quick alternative way of throwing together an egg dish while also earning you a little wow factor from your gang/guests.

A delicious and healthy lunch.

Lunch all Wrapped Up: Fresh Mackerel Wraps

Want something different? Sick of tuna or chicken but still want a little (or a lot of protein plus some omega) in your lunch? Paul Flynn's recipe for fresh Mackerel wraps beckons.

Celeriac is the perfect side to this lamb dish

Braised Lamb, Celeriac, Chorizo: Today show

Chef Peter Byrne cooks braised lamb shoulder, celeriac purée, white beans and chorizo dinner on the Today show on RTÉ One. BRAISED LAMB SHOULDER, CELERIAC PUREE, WHITE BEANS AND CHORIZO

Lamb Curry: A tasty, modern Easter dinner

Lamb Curry: A tasty, modern Easter dinner

Lina Gautam says: "This is a very traditional way of cooking lamb curry in my parents' house. I love the combination of lamb curry, rice and chargrilled tomato chutney. In Nepal, generally, goat meat is more popular than lamb meat but coming to Ireland, I prefer lamb meat." Enjoy.