Operation Transformation

Do you find it's a constant struggle to keep the pounds off? Do you feel that your current weight is holding you back from leading the life you'd like to? Do you wish this could be the year you transform your diet and lifestyle? Operation Transformation has returned to our television screens for a new series. Get all the information on rte.ie/ot An Operation Transformation App is also available which enables followers to track their progress.

You wanna just reach out and grab it...

Chicken, Sweet Corn & Chili Salad: Op Tran Recipe

When you're choosing the salad option, you need something with a little bite to keep you satisfied for more than an hour or so and this Operation Transformation recipe does just that thanks to the chicken and avocado.

You don't mind choosing the healthy option when it looks this good

Tex Mex Chicken and Noodles: Op Trans

Now this is what you want to look forward to - especially when you're watching what you eat and need a little boost after a lot of sacrifice...get chopping.