MasterChef Recipes

Créme Chiboust Pistachio

Recipe by MasterChef Ireland

The MasterChef Ireland contestants undertake the Emirates challenge to make Créme Chiboust Pistachio.

Pan fried Pork Chop

Recipe by Aengus Mac Grianna

Aengus Mac Grianna serves up pan fried pork chop, celeriac mash, apple & tarragon gravy with fried asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice-cream & a mini toffee apple

Recipe by Maia Dunphy

Maia Dunphy serves up this delicious dessert on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland

Roasted Loin of Veal

Recipe by David Gillick

Athlete David Gillick serves up roasted loin of veal, prosciutto, gorgonzola mash, sage and garlic jus accompanied with green beans, lemon zest, walnuts, and peas on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

Prosecco and Crème de Casis Poached Pears

Recipe by Conor Pope

Journalist Conor Pope serves up a delicious dessert of Prosecco and Crème de Casis poached pears with lavender & blackberries, Crème Anglaise and a shortbread on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

Retro Summer Trifle

Recipe by Claire Clark

Claire Clark shows the contestants on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland how to create a retro summer trifle.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Recipe by Yvonne Keating

Yvonne Keating's serves up Sticky Toffee Pudding with dark treacle and Bourbon sauce served with ginger and lemon ice cream on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

Roquefort and Honey Ice cream

Recipe by Tracy Piggott

Tracy Piggott serves up Roquefort and honey Ice cream, with caramelized pears, honey cream sauce, apple glaze and parmesan shortbread crisp on MasterChef Ireland.

Vienetta with Salt Caramel Shards

Recipe by Maia Dunphy

Maia Dunphy serves up Vienetta on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

Strawberry, Ricotta, Pistashio & White Chocolate Tart

Recipe by David Gillick

Athlete David Gillick serves up this tart with a poached pear on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

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